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examples/ Switch to "machine" module.

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......@@ -4,16 +4,17 @@
# example. For the latter, using pyb.Accel class is
# much easier.
import pyb
from machine import Pin
from machine import I2C
import time
# Accelerometer needs to be powered on first. Even
# though signal is called "AVDD", and there's separate
# "DVDD", without AVDD, it won't event talk on I2C bus.
accel_pwr = pyb.Pin("MMA_AVDD")
accel_pwr = Pin("MMA_AVDD")
i2c = pyb.I2C(1)
i2c = I2C(1, baudrate=100000)
addrs = i2c.scan()
print("Scanning devices:", [hex(x) for x in addrs])
if 0x4c not in addrs:
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