Commit 9a56912a authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/compile: Do proper checking of * and ** in function definition.

This patch checks that there is only one *, and that ** is last in the
arg list.
parent 0e3f29cc
......@@ -2505,7 +2505,12 @@ STATIC void compile_node(compiler_t *comp, mp_parse_node_t pn) {
STATIC void compile_scope_func_lambda_param(compiler_t *comp, mp_parse_node_t pn, pn_kind_t pn_name, pn_kind_t pn_star, pn_kind_t pn_dbl_star) {
// TODO verify that *k and **k are last etc
// check that **kw is last
if ((comp->scope_cur->scope_flags & MP_SCOPE_FLAG_VARKEYWORDS) != 0) {
compile_syntax_error(comp, pn, "invalid syntax");
qstr param_name = MP_QSTR_NULL;
uint param_flag = ID_FLAG_IS_PARAM;
if (MP_PARSE_NODE_IS_ID(pn)) {
......@@ -2530,6 +2535,11 @@ STATIC void compile_scope_func_lambda_param(compiler_t *comp, mp_parse_node_t pn
comp->scope_cur->num_pos_args += 1;
} else if (MP_PARSE_NODE_STRUCT_KIND(pns) == pn_star) {
if (comp->have_star) {
// more than one star
compile_syntax_error(comp, pn, "invalid syntax");
comp->have_star = true;
if (MP_PARSE_NODE_IS_NULL(pns->nodes[0])) {
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ DEF_RULE(decorated, c(decorated), and(2), rule(decorators), rule(decorated_body)
DEF_RULE(decorated_body, nc, or(2), rule(classdef), rule(funcdef))
DEF_RULE(funcdef, c(funcdef), blank | and(8), tok(KW_DEF), tok(NAME), tok(DEL_PAREN_OPEN), opt_rule(typedargslist), tok(DEL_PAREN_CLOSE), opt_rule(funcdefrettype), tok(DEL_COLON), rule(suite))
DEF_RULE(funcdefrettype, nc, ident | and(2), tok(DEL_MINUS_MORE), rule(test))
// TODO typedargslist lets through more than is allowed
// note: typedargslist lets through more than is allowed, compiler does further checks
DEF_RULE(typedargslist, nc, list_with_end, rule(typedargslist_item), tok(DEL_COMMA))
DEF_RULE(typedargslist_item, nc, or(3), rule(typedargslist_name), rule(typedargslist_star), rule(typedargslist_dbl_star))
DEF_RULE(typedargslist_name, nc, ident | and(3), tok(NAME), opt_rule(typedargslist_colon), opt_rule(typedargslist_equal))
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ DEF_RULE(typedargslist_dbl_star, nc, and(3), tok(OP_DBL_STAR), tok(NAME), opt_ru
DEF_RULE(typedargslist_colon, nc, ident | and(2), tok(DEL_COLON), rule(test))
DEF_RULE(typedargslist_equal, nc, ident | and(2), tok(DEL_EQUAL), rule(test))
DEF_RULE(tfpdef, nc, and(2), tok(NAME), opt_rule(typedargslist_colon))
// TODO varargslist lets through more than is allowed
// note: varargslist lets through more than is allowed, compiler does further checks
DEF_RULE(varargslist, nc, list_with_end, rule(varargslist_item), tok(DEL_COMMA))
DEF_RULE(varargslist_item, nc, or(3), rule(varargslist_name), rule(varargslist_star), rule(varargslist_dbl_star))
DEF_RULE(varargslist_name, nc, ident | and(2), tok(NAME), opt_rule(varargslist_equal))
......@@ -113,3 +113,11 @@ test_syntax('def f(x):\n nonlocal x')
# can define variable to be both nonlocal and global
test_syntax('def f():\n nonlocal x\n global x')
# can't have multiple *'s
test_syntax('def f(x, *a, *):\n pass')
test_syntax('lambda x, *a, *: 1')
# **kw must be last
test_syntax('def f(x, *a, **kw, r):\n pass')
test_syntax('lambda x, *a, **kw, r: 1')
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