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stmhal/adc.c: Fix calculation of read_core_vref()

There was a stray factor of 2 (VBAT_DIV) that looks like it was copied incorrectly from the read_core_vbat() function.
The factor exists in read_core_vbat() because VBAT is measured through a 2:1 voltage divider.
read_core_vref now returns values around 1.21V (assuming that external reference voltage is 3.3V) which is in line with the datasheet values.
See comment at
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......@@ -363,7 +363,7 @@ float adc_read_core_vref(ADC_HandleTypeDef *adcHandle) {
// be 12-bits.
raw_value <<= (12 - adc_get_resolution(adcHandle));
return raw_value * VBAT_DIV / 4096.0f * 3.3f;
return raw_value / 4096.0f * 3.3f;
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