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qemu-arm: Add port README.

Based on by @errordeveloper.
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This is experimental, community-supported port for Cortex-M emulation as
provided my QEMU (
The purposes of this port are to enable:
1. Continuous integration
- run tests agains architecture-specific parts of code base
2. Experimentation
- simulation & prototyping of anything that has architecture-specific
- exploring instruction set in terms of optimising some part of
MicroPython or a module
3. Streamlined debugging
- no need for JTAG or even an MCU chip itself
- no need to use OpenOCD or anything else that might slow down the
process in terms of plugging things together, pressing buttons, etc.
This port will only work with with [GCC ARM Embedded](
toolchain and not with CodeSourcery toolchain. You will need to modify
`LDFLAGS` if you want to use CodeSourcery's version of `arm-none-eabi`.
The difference is that CodeSourcery needs `-T generic-m-hosted.ld` while
ARM's version requires `--specs=nano.specs --specs=rdimon.specs` to be
passed to the linker.
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