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windows/README: Add notes on running under Wine.

After enabling line editing support on Windows console, this is no longer
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......@@ -24,3 +24,19 @@ Open micropython.vcxproj and build
To compile using Visual Studio 2013 commandline:
msbuild micropython.vcxproj
To run on Linux using Wine:
Default build (MICROPY_USE_READLINE=1) uses extended Windows console
functions and thus should be run using "wineconsole" tool. Depending
on Wine build configuration, you may also want to select curses backend
which has look&feel of a standard Unix console:
wineconsole --backend=curses ./micropython.exe
For more info, see
If built without line editing and history capabilities
(MICROPY_USE_READLINE=0), the resulting binary can be built using standard
"wine" tool.
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