Commit 97142000 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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mpy-cross/main: Move lexer constructor to within NLR handler block.

parent 68e1c4f0
......@@ -57,14 +57,10 @@ STATIC void stderr_print_strn(void *env, const char *str, mp_uint_t len) {
STATIC const mp_print_t mp_stderr_print = {NULL, stderr_print_strn};
STATIC int compile_and_save(const char *file, const char *output_file, const char *source_file) {
mp_lexer_t *lex = mp_lexer_new_from_file(file);
if (lex == NULL) {
printf("could not open file '%s' for reading\n", file);
return 1;
nlr_buf_t nlr;
if (nlr_push(&nlr) == 0) {
mp_lexer_t *lex = mp_lexer_new_from_file(file);
qstr source_name;
if (source_file == NULL) {
source_name = lex->source_name;
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