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cc3200: Add note about old revisions of the CC3200-LAUNCHXL.

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......@@ -24,6 +24,10 @@ make BTARGET=application BTYPE=release
make BTARGET=bootloader BTYPE=release
## Regarding old revisions of the CC3200-LAUNCHXL
First silicon (pre-release) revisions of the CC3200 had issues with the ram blocks, and Micro Python cannot run
there. Make sure to use a **v4.1 (or higer) LAUNCHXL board** when trying this port, otherwise it won't work.
## Flashing the CC3200
- Make sure that you have built both the *bootloader* and the *application* in **release** mode.
- Make sure the SOP2 jumper is in position.
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