Commit 9466e154 authored by Daniel Campora's avatar Daniel Campora
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cc3200: Fix power mode param check in the UART callback constructor.

parent 2b627070
......@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ STATIC mp_obj_t pyb_rtc_callback (mp_uint_t n_args, const mp_obj_t *pos_args, mp
// set the match value
MAP_PRCMRTCMatchSet(seconds, mseconds);
// save the match data for later
// save the power mode data for later
pybrtc_data.prwmode = args[4].u_int;
// create the callback
......@@ -516,7 +516,7 @@ STATIC mp_obj_t pyb_uart_callback (mp_uint_t n_args, const mp_obj_t *pos_args, m
uint priority = mpcallback_translate_priority (args[2].u_int);
// check the power mode
if (PYB_PWR_MODE_ACTIVE != args[3].u_int) {
if (PYB_PWR_MODE_ACTIVE != args[4].u_int) {
nlr_raise(mp_obj_new_exception_msg(&mp_type_ValueError, mpexception_value_invalid_arguments));
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