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......@@ -49,19 +49,24 @@ The Unix version
The "unix" port requires a standard Unix environment with gcc and GNU make.
x86 and x64 architectures are supported (i.e. x86 32- and 64-bit), as well
as ARMv7. Porting to other architectures require writing some assembly code
for the exception handling.
as ARM and MIPS. Making full-featured port to another architecture requires
writing some assembly code for the exception handling and garbage collection.
Alternatively, fallback implementation based on setjmp/longjmp can be used.
To build:
$ cd unix
$ make
Then to test it:
Then to give it a try:
$ ./micropython
>>> list(5 * x + y for x in range(10) for y in [4, 2, 1])
Run complete testsuite:
$ make test
Debian/Ubuntu/Mint derivative Linux distros will require build-essentials and
libreadline-dev packages installed. To build FFI (Foreign Function Interface)
module, libffi-dev and pkg-config packages are required. If you have problems
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