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docs/library/machine: Add documentation for machine.time_pulse_us.

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......@@ -101,6 +101,19 @@ Miscellaneous functions
varies by hardware (so use substring of a full value if you expect a short
ID). In some MicroPython ports, ID corresponds to the network MAC address.
.. function:: time_pulse_us(pin, pulse_level, timeout_us=1000000)
Time a pulse on the given `pin`, and return the duration of the pulse in
microseconds. The `pulse_level` argument should be 0 to time a low pulse
or 1 to time a high pulse.
The function first waits while the pin input is different to the `pulse_level`
parameter, then times the duration that the pin is equal to `pulse_level`.
If the pin is already equal to `pulse_level` then timing starts straight away.
The function will raise an OSError with ETIMEDOUT if either of the waits is
longer than the given timeout value (which is in microseconds).
.. _machine_constants:
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