Commit 90ba80dc authored by Dave Hylands's avatar Dave Hylands
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Disable IRQs around sdcard reads.

Once the code switches to using DMA, this can be removed.
parent 5fa5ca40
......@@ -144,7 +144,13 @@ bool sdcard_read_blocks(uint8_t *dest, uint32_t block_num, uint32_t num_blocks)
return false;
if (HAL_SD_ReadBlocks(&sd_handle, (uint32_t*)dest, block_num * SDCARD_BLOCK_SIZE, SDCARD_BLOCK_SIZE, num_blocks) != SD_OK) {
HAL_SD_ErrorTypedef err;
err = HAL_SD_ReadBlocks(&sd_handle, (uint32_t*)dest, block_num * SDCARD_BLOCK_SIZE, SDCARD_BLOCK_SIZE, num_blocks);
if (err != SD_OK) {
return false;
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