Commit 8fff7f8d authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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esp8266: Add "reset" target to Makefile.

Just always keep jumper in bootloader position. After flashing, uPy
automatically executed. And to get back to bootloader, do "make reset".
parent eca9a932
...@@ -80,6 +80,9 @@ deploy: $(BUILD)/firmware-combined.bin ...@@ -80,6 +80,9 @@ deploy: $(BUILD)/firmware-combined.bin
#$(Q) --port $(PORT) write_flash 0 $< #$(Q) --port $(PORT) write_flash 0 $<
$(Q) --port $(PORT) write_flash 0 $(BUILD)/firmware.elf-0x00000.bin 0x10000 $(BUILD)/firmware.elf-0x10000.bin $(Q) --port $(PORT) write_flash 0 $(BUILD)/firmware.elf-0x00000.bin 0x10000 $(BUILD)/firmware.elf-0x10000.bin
echo -e "\r\nimport pyb; pyb.hard_reset()\r\n" >$(PORT)
$(BUILD)/firmware-combined.bin: $(BUILD)/firmware.elf $(BUILD)/firmware-combined.bin: $(BUILD)/firmware.elf
$(ECHO) "Create $@" $(ECHO) "Create $@"
$(Q) elf2image $^ $(Q) elf2image $^
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