Commit 8cee03b1 authored by danicampora's avatar danicampora
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cc3200: Force SSL method to be TLSV1.

The default setting of using the "highest" method available doesn't
work with some servers like Microsoft Azure. TLSV1 seems to work with
pretty much any server.
parent 1673e19c
......@@ -103,6 +103,10 @@ STATIC mp_obj_t mod_ssl_wrap_socket(mp_uint_t n_args, const mp_obj_t *pos_args,
_i16 sd = ((mod_network_socket_obj_t *)args[0].u_obj)->;
_i16 _errno;
_u8 method = SL_SO_SEC_METHOD_TLSV1;
if ((_errno = sl_SetSockOpt(sd, SL_SOL_SOCKET, SL_SO_SECMETHOD, &method, sizeof(method))) < 0) {
goto socket_error;
if (keyfile && (_errno = sl_SetSockOpt(sd, SL_SOL_SOCKET, SL_SO_SECURE_FILES_PRIVATE_KEY_FILE_NAME, keyfile, strlen(keyfile))) < 0) {
goto socket_error;
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