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docs/array: Document array module.

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:mod:`array` -- arrays of numeric data
.. module:: array
:synopsis: efficient arrays of numeric data
See `Python array <>`_ for more
Supported format codes: ``b``, ``B``, ``h``, ``H``, ``i``, ``I``, ``l``,
``L``, ``q``, ``Q``, ``f``, ``d`` (the latter 2 depending on the
floating-point support).
.. class:: array.array(typecode, [iterable])
Create array with elements of given type. Initial contents of the
array are given by an `iterable`. If it is not provided, an empty
array is created.
.. method:: append(val)
Append new element to the end of array, growing it.
.. method:: extend(iterable)
Append new elements as contained in an iterable to the end of
array, growing it.
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