Commit 81e661f2 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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travis: Add automated coverage testing using coveralls.

parent b753009a
......@@ -10,6 +10,8 @@ before_script:
- sudo apt-get install -y python3.4 python3 gcc-4.7 gcc-multilib gcc-arm-none-eabi qemu-system mingw32
# For teensy build
- sudo apt-get install realpath
# For coverage testing
- sudo pip install cpp-coveralls
- make -C minimal test
......@@ -25,8 +27,17 @@ script:
- make -C cc3200 BTARGET=bootloader BTYPE=release
- make -C windows CROSS_COMPILE=i586-mingw32msvc-
- (cd tests && MICROPY_CPYTHON3=python3.4 ./run-tests)
- (cd tests && MICROPY_CPYTHON3=python3.4 ./run-tests --emit native)
# run tests without coverage info
#- (cd tests && MICROPY_CPYTHON3=python3.4 ./run-tests)
#- (cd tests && MICROPY_CPYTHON3=python3.4 ./run-tests --emit native)
# run tests with coverage info
- make -C unix CC=gcc-4.7 coverage
- (cd tests && MICROPY_CPYTHON3=python3.4 MICROPY_MICROPYTHON=../unix/micropython_coverage ./run-tests)
- (cd tests && MICROPY_CPYTHON3=python3.4 MICROPY_MICROPYTHON=../unix/micropython_coverage ./run-tests --emit native)
- (cd unix && coveralls --root .. --build-root . --gcov $(which gcov-4.7) --gcov-options '\-o build-coverage/' --include py --include extmod)
- (cd tests && for exp in *.exp; do testbase=$(basename $exp .exp); echo -e "\nFAILURE $testbase"; diff -u $testbase.exp $testbase.out; done)
[![Build Status][travis-img]][travis-repo]
[![Build Status][travis-img]][travis-repo] [![Coverage Status][coveralls-img]][coveralls-repo]
The Micro Python project
......@@ -136,6 +136,8 @@ minimal:
@echo Make sure to run make -B
$(MAKE) COPT="-O0" CFLAGS_EXTRA='-fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage' LDFLAGS_EXTRA='-fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage' BUILD=build-coverage PROG=micropython_coverage
coverage_test: coverage
$(eval DIRNAME=$(notdir $(CURDIR)))
cd ../tests && MICROPY_MICROPYTHON=../$(DIRNAME)/micropython_coverage ./run-tests
gcov -o build-coverage/py ../py/*.c
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