Commit 7bbd1106 authored by Damien's avatar Damien
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Remove line in emitbc.c to print code size.

parent 3997be44
......@@ -73,7 +73,6 @@ static void emit_bc_end_pass(emit_t *emit) {
// calculate size of code in bytes
emit->code_size = emit->code_offset;
emit->code_base = m_new(byte, emit->code_size);
printf("code_size: %u\n", emit->code_size);
} else if (emit->pass == PASS_3) {
rt_assign_byte_code(emit->scope->unique_code_id, emit->code_base, emit->code_size, emit->scope->num_params, emit->scope->num_locals, emit->scope->stack_size, (emit->scope->flags & SCOPE_FLAG_GENERATOR) != 0);
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