Commit 780e54cd authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py: Implement delete_attr in native emitter.

parent 720f55cc
......@@ -917,8 +917,11 @@ STATIC void emit_native_delete_global(emit_t *emit, qstr qstr) {
STATIC void emit_native_delete_attr(emit_t *emit, qstr qstr) {
// not supported
vtype_kind_t vtype_base;
emit_pre_pop_reg(emit, &vtype_base, REG_ARG_1); // arg1 = base
assert(vtype_base == VTYPE_PYOBJ);
emit_call_with_2_imm_args(emit, MP_F_STORE_ATTR, mp_store_attr, qstr, REG_ARG_2, (machine_uint_t)MP_OBJ_NULL, REG_ARG_3); // arg2 = attribute name, arg3 = value (null for delete)
STATIC void emit_native_delete_subscr(emit_t *emit) {
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