Commit 76abb2e6 authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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tools: Add script to install "upip" package manager.

upip is a simple and light-weight package manager for MicroPython modules,
offering subset of pip functionality. upip is part of micropython-lib
This script bootstraps upip by downloading and unpacking it directly from
PyPI repository, with all other packages to be installed with upip itself.
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# This script performs bootstrap installation of upip package manager from PyPI
# All the other packages can be installed using it.
if [ -z "$TMPDIR" ]; then
cd /tmp
# Remove any stale old version
rm -rf micropython-upip-*
wget -nd -r -l1 --accept-regex ".**.gz" --reject=html
tar xfz micropython-upip-*.tar.gz
mkdir -p ~/.micropython/lib/
cp micropython-upip-*/upip*.py ~/.micropython/lib/
echo "upip is installed. To use:"
echo "micropython -m upip --help"
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