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class socket -- network socket
``socket`` is an object that represents a network socket. Example usage::
socket = esp.socket()
socket.connect(('', 80))
socket.send('GET /testwifi/index.html HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n')
.. class:: esp.socket()
Create and return a socket object.
TCP Methods
.. method:: socket.connect(addr)
Connect to the adress and port specified in the ``addr`` tuple.
.. method:: socket.close()
Close the connection.
.. method:: socket.accept()
Accept a single connection from the connection queue.
.. method:: socket.listen(backlog)
Start listening for incoming connections.
Note: Only one socket can be listening for connections at a time.
.. method:: socket.bind(addr)
Bind the socket to the address and port specified by the ``addr`` tuple.
.. method:: socket.send(buf)
Send the bytes from ``buf``.
.. method:: socket.recv()
Receive and return bytes from the socket.
UDP Methods
.. method:: socket.sendto(data, addr)
Placeholder for UDP support, not implemented yet.
.. method:: socket.recvfrom(addr)
Placeholder for UDP support, not implemented yet.
Callback Setter Methods
.. method:: onconnect(lambda)::
When connection is established, call the callback ``lambda``.
.. method:: onrecv(lambda)::
When data is received, call the callback ``lambda``.
.. method:: onsent(lamda)::
What data is finished sending, call the callback ``lambda``.
.. method:: ondisconnect(lambda)::
Call the callback ``lambda`` when the connection is closed.
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