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docs/usocket: Elaborate "Constants" section.

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...@@ -74,21 +74,33 @@ Constants ...@@ -74,21 +74,33 @@ Constants
--------- ---------
.. data:: socket.AF_INET .. data:: socket.AF_INET
family types Address family types. Availability depends on a particular board.
.. data:: socket.SOCK_STREAM .. data:: socket.SOCK_STREAM
.. data:: socket.SOCK_DGRAM socket.SOCK_DGRAM
socket types Socket types.
.. data:: socket.IPPROTO_UDP .. data:: socket.IPPROTO_UDP
.. data:: socket.IPPROTO_TCP socket.IPPROTO_TCP
.. only:: port_wipy
.. data:: socket.IPPROTO_SEC IP protocol numbers.
protocol numbers .. data:: socket.SOL_*
Socket option levels (an argument to ``setsockopt()``). The exact inventory depends on a board.
.. data:: socket.SO_*
Socket options (an argument to ``setsockopt()``). The exact inventory depends on a board.
Constants specific to WiPy:
.. data:: socket.IPPROTO_SEC
Special protocol value to create SSL-compatible socket.
class socket class socket
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