Commit 71df60cf authored by Robert HH's avatar Robert HH Committed by Damien George
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esp8266/ets_alt_task.c: Prevent spurious large increment of ticks_ms()

This happened when the overflow counter for ticks_ms() was interrupted
by an external hard interrupt (issue #3076).
parent ec534609
......@@ -120,11 +120,13 @@ bool ets_loop_iter(void) {
// handle overflow of system microsecond counter
uint32_t system_time_cur = system_get_time();
if (system_time_cur < system_time_prev) {
system_time_high_word += 1; // record overflow of low 32-bits
system_time_prev = system_time_cur;
//static unsigned cnt;
bool progress = false;
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