Commit 71a1e352 authored by Craig Barnes's avatar Craig Barnes
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Fix tests.

parent e276753b
......@@ -110,16 +110,17 @@ def run_test():
pyb.exec('def apply(l, f):\r\n for item in l:\r\n f(item)\r\n')
pyb.exec('leds=[pyb.Led(l) for l in range(1, 5)]')
pyb.exec('leds=[pyb.LED(l) for l in range(1, 5)]')
pyb.exec('apply(leds, lambda')
## USR switch test
if True:
pyb.exec('switch = pyb.Switch()')
for i in range(2):
print("press USR button")
pyb.exec('while pyb.switch(): pyb.delay(10)')
pyb.exec('while not pyb.switch(): pyb.delay(10)')
pyb.exec('while switch(): pyb.delay(10)')
pyb.exec('while not switch(): pyb.delay(10)')
print('USR switch passed')
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