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docs/library/uos: Add description of uos.ilistdir() function.

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......@@ -37,6 +37,21 @@ Functions
Get the current directory.
.. function:: ilistdir([dir])
This function returns an iterator which then yields 3-tuples corresponding to
the entries in the directory that it is listing. With no argument it lists the
current directory, otherwise it lists the directory given by `dir`.
The 3-tuples have the form `(name, type, inode)`:
- `name` is a string (or bytes if `dir` is a bytes object) and is the name of
the entry;
- `type` is an integer that specifies the type of the entry, with 0x4000 for
directories and 0x8000 for regular files;
- `inode` is an integer corresponding to the inode of the file, and may be 0
for filesystems that don't have such a notion.
.. function:: listdir([dir])
With no argument, list the current directory. Otherwise list the given directory.
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