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docs/speed_python: Clarify/generalize "Buffers" subsection.

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......@@ -59,12 +59,10 @@ An example of the above is the common case where a buffer is required, such as o
used for communication with a device. A typical driver will create the buffer in the
constructor and use it in its I/O methods which will be called repeatedly.
The MicroPython libraries typically provide optional support for pre-allocated buffers.
For example the ``uart.readinto()`` method allows two options for its argument, an integer
or a buffer. If an integer is supplied it will read up to that number of bytes and
return the outcome: this implies that a buffer is created with a corresponding
memory allocation. Providing a pre-allocated buffer as the argument avoids this. See
the code fragment in :ref:`Caching object references <Caching>` below.
The MicroPython libraries typically provide support for pre-allocated buffers. For
example, objects which support stream interface (e.g., file or UART) provide ``read()``
method which allocate new buffer for read data, but also a ``readinto()`` method
to read data into an existing buffer.
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