Commit 5f27a7e8 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py: Add mp_obj_str_builder_end_with_len.

This allows to create str's with a smaller length than initially asked
parent 94fbe971
......@@ -460,6 +460,7 @@ void mp_init_emergency_exception_buf(void);
// str
mp_obj_t mp_obj_str_builder_start(const mp_obj_type_t *type, uint len, byte **data);
mp_obj_t mp_obj_str_builder_end(mp_obj_t o_in);
mp_obj_t mp_obj_str_builder_end_with_len(mp_obj_t o_in, mp_uint_t len);
bool mp_obj_str_equal(mp_obj_t s1, mp_obj_t s2);
uint mp_obj_str_get_hash(mp_obj_t self_in);
uint mp_obj_str_get_len(mp_obj_t self_in);
......@@ -1744,6 +1744,16 @@ mp_obj_t mp_obj_str_builder_end(mp_obj_t o_in) {
return o;
mp_obj_t mp_obj_str_builder_end_with_len(mp_obj_t o_in, mp_uint_t len) {
mp_obj_str_t *o = o_in;
o->data = m_renew(byte, (byte*)o->data, o->len + 1, len + 1);
o->len = len;
o->hash = qstr_compute_hash(o->data, o->len);
byte *p = (byte*)o->data;
p[o->len] = '\0'; // for now we add null for compatibility with C ASCIIZ strings
return o;
mp_obj_t mp_obj_new_str_of_type(const mp_obj_type_t *type, const byte* data, uint len) {
mp_obj_str_t *o = m_new_obj(mp_obj_str_t);
o->base.type = type;
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