Commit 5ae5ec98 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py: Make mp_sys_stdout_print object, wrapping sys.stdout for mp_print*.

So now all printing should go via either mp_plat_print or
parent 7f9d1d6a
......@@ -440,9 +440,8 @@ MP_DEFINE_CONST_FUN_OBJ_KW(mp_builtin_print_obj, 0, mp_builtin_print);
STATIC mp_obj_t mp_builtin___repl_print__(mp_obj_t o) {
if (o != mp_const_none) {
mp_print_t print = {&mp_sys_stdout_obj, (mp_print_strn_t)mp_stream_write};
mp_obj_print_helper(&print, o, PRINT_REPR);
mp_stream_write(&mp_sys_stdout_obj, "\n", 1);
mp_obj_print_helper(&mp_sys_stdout_print, o, PRINT_REPR);
mp_print_str(&mp_sys_stdout_print, "\n");
mp_obj_print(o, PRINT_REPR);
......@@ -42,6 +42,10 @@ extern struct _mp_dummy_t mp_sys_stdin_obj;
extern struct _mp_dummy_t mp_sys_stdout_obj;
extern struct _mp_dummy_t mp_sys_stderr_obj;
const mp_print_t mp_sys_stdout_print = {&mp_sys_stdout_obj, (mp_print_strn_t)mp_stream_write};
/// \constant version - Python language version that this implementation conforms to, as a string
STATIC const MP_DEFINE_STR_OBJ(version_obj, "3.4.0");
......@@ -47,10 +47,13 @@ typedef struct _mp_print_t {
mp_print_strn_t print_strn;
} mp_print_t;
// Wrapper for platform print function, which wraps MP_PLAT_PRINT_STRN.
// All (non-debug) prints go through this interface (except some which
// go through mp_sys_stdout_obj if MICROPY_PY_IO is defined).
// All (non-debug) prints go through one of the two interfaces below.
// 1) Wrapper for platform print function, which wraps MP_PLAT_PRINT_STRN.
extern const mp_print_t mp_plat_print;
// 2) Wrapper for printing to sys.stdout.
extern const mp_print_t mp_sys_stdout_print;
int mp_print_str(const mp_print_t *print, const char *str);
int mp_print_strn(const mp_print_t *print, const char *str, mp_uint_t len, int flags, char fill, int width);
......@@ -73,12 +73,7 @@ void mp_obj_print_helper(const mp_print_t *print, mp_obj_t o_in, mp_print_kind_t
void mp_obj_print(mp_obj_t o_in, mp_print_kind_t kind) {
// defined per port; type of these is irrelevant, just need pointer
extern struct _mp_dummy_t mp_sys_stdout_obj;
mp_print_t print; = &mp_sys_stdout_obj;
print.print_strn = (mp_print_strn_t)mp_stream_write;
mp_obj_print_helper(&print, o_in, kind);
mp_obj_print_helper(&mp_sys_stdout_print, o_in, kind);
mp_obj_print_helper(&mp_plat_print, o_in, kind);
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