Commit 5a0c5f8f authored by Daniel Campora's avatar Daniel Campora
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cc3200: Use the WDT stall feature in debug mode only.

parent ec1f0e75
......@@ -114,15 +114,17 @@ STATIC mp_obj_t pyb_enable_wdt(mp_obj_t self, mp_obj_t msec_in) {
// Unlock to be able to configure the registers
#ifdef DEBUG
// make the WDT stall when the debugger stops on a breakpoint
MAP_WatchdogStallEnable (WDT_BASE);
// set the watchdog timer reload value
// the WDT trigger a system reset after the second timeout
// so, divide by the 2 timeout value received
// so, divide by 2 the timeout value received
// start the timer. Once wdt is started, it cannot be disabled.
// start the timer. Once it's started, it cannot be disabled.
pybwdt_data.running = true;
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