Commit 59a41e8f authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/qstr: Fix calc of qstr memory usage, due to new qstr chunk allocation.

parent d6442407
......@@ -262,11 +262,7 @@ void qstr_pool_info(mp_uint_t *n_pool, mp_uint_t *n_qstr, mp_uint_t *n_str_data_
*n_pool += 1;
*n_qstr += pool->len;
for (const byte **q = pool->qstrs, **q_top = pool->qstrs + pool->len; q < q_top; q++) {
*n_str_data_bytes += gc_nbytes(*q); // this counts actual bytes used in heap
*n_str_data_bytes += Q_GET_ALLOC(*q);
*n_total_bytes += gc_nbytes(pool); // this counts actual bytes used in heap
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