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docs/pyb.ExtInt,pyb.Pin: Mark up class methods as such.

parent 0d8c22b1
......@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ Constructors
Class methods
.. method:: ExtInt.regs()
.. classmethod:: ExtInt.regs()
Dump the values of the EXTI registers.
......@@ -86,15 +86,15 @@ Constructors
Class methods
.. method:: Pin.debug([state])
.. classmethod:: Pin.debug([state])
Get or set the debugging state (``True`` or ``False`` for on or off).
.. method:: Pin.dict([dict])
.. classmethod:: Pin.dict([dict])
Get or set the pin mapper dictionary.
.. method:: Pin.mapper([fun])
.. classmethod:: Pin.mapper([fun])
Get or set the pin mapper function.
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