Commit 53461deb authored by Tom Collins's avatar Tom Collins Committed by Paul Sokolovsky
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py/objstringio: Fix StringIO reads at or beyond EOF.

Existing code failed if seek() went past EOF (which is acceptable when writing).
parent d5713c86
......@@ -56,6 +56,9 @@ STATIC mp_uint_t stringio_read(mp_obj_t o_in, void *buf, mp_uint_t size, int *er
mp_obj_stringio_t *o = MP_OBJ_TO_PTR(o_in);
if (o->vstr->len <= o->pos) { // read to EOF, or seeked to EOF or beyond
return 0;
mp_uint_t remaining = o->vstr->len - o->pos;
if (size > remaining) {
size = remaining;
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