Commit 49bb04ee authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/makeqstrdata: Fix rendering of qstrs that have non-printable ASCII.

The qstr data needs to be turned into a proper C string so non-ASCII
chars must be properly escaped according to C rules.
parent 0c1de1cd
......@@ -106,9 +106,15 @@ def parse_input_headers(infiles):
def make_bytes(cfg_bytes_len, cfg_bytes_hash, qstr):
qhash = compute_hash(qstr, cfg_bytes_hash)
# Calculate len of str, taking escapes into account
qlen = len(qstr.replace("\\\\", "-").replace("\\", ""))
qdata = qstr.replace('"', '\\"')
if all(32 <= ord(c) <= 126 and c != '\\' for c in qstr):
# qstr is all printable ASCII so render it as-is (for easier debugging)
qlen = len(qstr)
qdata = qstr
# qstr contains non-printable codes so render entire thing as hex pairs
qbytes = qstr.encode('utf8')
qlen = len(qbytes)
qdata = ''.join(('\\x%02x' % b) for b in qbytes)
if qlen >= (1 << (8 * cfg_bytes_len)):
print('qstr is too long:', qstr)
assert False
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