Commit 47dc5922 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py/inlinethumb: Allow assembler to use big ints as args to instructions.

parent 22b22650
......@@ -298,12 +298,13 @@ bad_arg:
return 0;
STATIC int get_arg_i(emit_inline_asm_t *emit, const char *op, mp_parse_node_t pn, int fit_mask) {
STATIC uint32_t get_arg_i(emit_inline_asm_t *emit, const char *op, mp_parse_node_t pn, uint32_t fit_mask) {
mp_obj_t o;
if (!mp_parse_node_get_int_maybe(pn, &o)) {
emit_inline_thumb_error_exc(emit, mp_obj_new_exception_msg_varg(&mp_type_SyntaxError, "'%s' expects an integer", op));
return 0;
uint32_t i = mp_obj_get_int_truncated(o);
if ((i & (~fit_mask)) != 0) {
emit_inline_thumb_error_exc(emit, mp_obj_new_exception_msg_varg(&mp_type_SyntaxError, "'%s' integer 0x%x does not fit in mask 0x%x", op, i, fit_mask));
return 0;
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