Commit 41720562 authored by Daniel Campora's avatar Daniel Campora
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cc3200: Fix incorrect type for the wake cause variable.

parent 2f2c0a13
......@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ STATIC nvic_reg_store_t *nvic_reg_store;
STATIC pybsleep_data_t pybsleep_data = {NULL, NULL, NULL, 0};
volatile arm_cm4_core_regs_t vault_arm_registers;
STATIC pybsleep_reset_cause_t pybsleep_reset_cause = PYB_SLP_PWRON_RESET;
STATIC pybsleep_reset_cause_t pybsleep_wake_reason = PYB_SLP_WAKED_PWRON;
STATIC pybsleep_wake_reason_t pybsleep_wake_reason = PYB_SLP_WAKED_PWRON;
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