Commit 3f3df435 authored by stijn's avatar stijn Committed by Damien George
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msvc: Remove directory with generated files when cleaning.

This assures after cleaning all build artefacts (qstr related files,
generated version header) have been removed.
parent c6113138
......@@ -87,6 +87,10 @@ using(var outFile = System.IO.File.CreateText(OutputFile)) {
<MSBuild Projects="$(MSBuildThisFileFullPath)" Targets="CopyFileIfDifferent" Properties="SourceFile=$(TmpFile);DestFile=$(DestFile)"/>
<Target Name="RemoveGeneratedFiles" AfterTargets="Clean">
<RemoveDir Directories="$(DestDir)"/>
<!--Copies SourceFile to DestFile only if SourceFile's content differs from DestFile's.
We use this to 'touch' the generated files only when they are really newer
so a build is only triggered if the generated content actually changed,
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