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zephyr/README: Network startup issues with frdm_k64f resolved.

But leave a generic warning that users should be aware of Zephyr's
limitations/issues for a board they use.
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......@@ -59,10 +59,12 @@ it's a sign that you didn't followed instructions above. If you would like
to just run it quickly without extra setup, see "minimal" build below.
For deploying/flashing a firmware on a real board, follow Zephyr
documentation for a given board (mind again that networking is enabled
for the build, so you should be aware of known issues for a particular
board; for example, frdm_k64f requires Ethernet cable connected to both
board and host or it will hang/crash on startup).
documentation for a given board, including known issues for that board
(if any). (Mind again that networking is enabled for the default build,
so you should know if there're any special requirements in that regard,
cf. for example QEMU networking requirements above; real hardware boards
generally should not have any special requirements, unless there're known
Quick example
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