Commit 3c34d414 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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py: Fix x86 viper code generation, mem8 <-> mem16 for load.

parent 91cfd414
......@@ -284,8 +284,8 @@ STATIC byte mp_f_n_args[MP_F_NUMBER_OF] = {
#define ASM_SUB_REG_REG(as, reg_dest, reg_src) asm_x86_sub_r32_r32((as), (reg_dest), (reg_src))
#define ASM_LOAD_REG_REG(as, reg_dest, reg_base) asm_x86_mov_mem32_to_r32((as), (reg_base), 0, (reg_dest))
#define ASM_LOAD8_REG_REG(as, reg_dest, reg_base) asm_x86_mov_mem16_to_r32zx((as), (reg_base), 0, (reg_dest))
#define ASM_LOAD16_REG_REG(as, reg_dest, reg_base) asm_x86_mov_mem8_to_r32zx((as), (reg_base), 0, (reg_dest))
#define ASM_LOAD8_REG_REG(as, reg_dest, reg_base) asm_x86_mov_mem8_to_r32zx((as), (reg_base), 0, (reg_dest))
#define ASM_LOAD16_REG_REG(as, reg_dest, reg_base) asm_x86_mov_mem16_to_r32zx((as), (reg_base), 0, (reg_dest))
#define ASM_STORE_REG_REG(as, reg_src, reg_base) asm_x86_mov_r32_to_mem32((as), (reg_src), (reg_base), 0)
#define ASM_STORE8_REG_REG(as, reg_src, reg_base) asm_x86_mov_r8_to_mem8((as), (reg_src), (reg_base), 0)
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