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Libraries specific to the pyboard
:mod:`ure` -- regular expressions
.. module:: ure
:synopsis: regular expressions
This module implements regular expression operations. Regular expression
syntax supported is a subset of CPython ``re`` module (and actually is
a subset of POSIX extended regular expressions).
Supported operators are:
Match any character.
Match set of characters. Individual characters and ranges are supported.
Counted repetitions (``{m,n}``), more advanced assertions, names groups,
etc. are not supported.
.. function:: compile(regex)
Compile regular expression, return ``regex`` object.
.. function:: match(regex, string)
Match ``regex`` against ``string``. Match always happens from starting
position in a string.
.. function:: search(regex, string)
Search ``regex`` in a ``string``. Unlike ``match``, this will search
string for first position which matches regex (which still may be
0 if regex is anchored).
.. data:: DEBUG
Flag value, display debug information about compiled expression.
Regex objects
Compiled regular expression. Instances of this class are created using
.. method:: regex.match(string)
.. method::
.. method:: regex.split(string, max_split=-1)
Match objects
Match objects as returned by ``match()`` and ``search()`` methods.
.. method::[index])
Only numeric groups are supported.
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