Commit 38b54b65 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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tests/micropython: Add tests for const names being replaced in parser.

parent 3f0c1c24
# check that consts are not replaced in anything except standalone identifiers
X = const(1)
Y = const(2)
Z = const(3)
# import that uses a constant
import micropython as X
# function name that matches a constant
def X():
print('function X', X)
# arguments that match a constant
def f(X, *Y, **Z):
# class name that matches a constant
class X:
def f(self):
print('class X', X)
# constant within a class
class A:
C1 = const(4)
def X(self):
print('method X', Y, C1, self.C1)
<module 'micropython'>
function X 1
class X 1
method X 2 4 4
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