Commit 34472302 authored by Alex March's avatar Alex March Committed by Damien George
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lib/fatfs: Unify fatfs configuration.

- A single ffcon.h file to configure fatfs settings across ports.
- A single diskio.h file with common drive definitions.
- Removed now reduntand ffconf_template.h.
parent 6e68a68d
......@@ -38,6 +38,10 @@ DRESULT disk_read (BYTE pdrv, BYTE* buff, DWORD sector, UINT count);
DRESULT disk_write (BYTE pdrv, const BYTE* buff, DWORD sector, UINT count);
DRESULT disk_ioctl (BYTE pdrv, BYTE cmd, void* buff);
/* Definitions of physical drive number for each media */
#define PD_FLASH (0) /* Map FLASH drive to drive number 0 */
#define PD_SDCARD (1) /* Map SDCARD drive to drive number 1 */
#define PD_USER (2) /* Map USER mounts to drive number 2 */
/* Disk Status Bits (DSTATUS) */
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