Commit 317cf184 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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stmhal: Remove unnecessary HAL_Delay in readline loop.

The reason for having this delay is to reduce power consumption at the
REPL (HAL_Delay calls __WFI to idle the CPU).  But stdin_rx_chr has a
__WFI in it anyway, so this delay call is not needed.

By removing this call, the readline input can consume characters much
more quickly (before was limited to 1000 chrs/s), and has much reduced
dependency on the specific port.
parent 5cbc9e0d
......@@ -30,12 +30,7 @@
#include "mpconfig.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include "qstr.h"
#include "misc.h"
#include "obj.h"
#include MICROPY_HAL_H
#include "readline.h"
#include "usb.h"
#include "pybstdio.h"
#if 0 // print debugging info
......@@ -250,7 +245,5 @@ end_key:
stdout_tx_strn(line->buf + cursor_pos, redraw_step_forward);
cursor_pos += redraw_step_forward;
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