Commit 30bca45e authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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tests/basics: Add test for logical constant folding.

parent 9b525134
# tests logical constant folding in parser
def f_true():
return True
def f_false():
return False
print(0 or False)
print(1 or foo)
print(f_false() or 1 or foo)
print(f_false() or 1 or f_true())
print(0 and foo)
print(1 and True)
print(f_true() and 0 and foo)
print(f_true() and 1 and f_false())
print(not 0)
print(not False)
print(not 1)
print(not True)
print(not not 0)
print(not not 1)
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