Commit 2c040ede authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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libffi: Skip building docs.

This requires makeinfo installed and wastes time (especially in CI).
parent 9c72c71c
......@@ -202,11 +202,14 @@ endif
deplibs: libffi axtls
# install-exec-recursive & install-data-am targets are used to avoid building
# docs and depending on makeinfo
cd ../lib/libffi; git clean -d -x -f
cd ../lib/libffi; ./
mkdir -p ../lib/libffi/build_dir; cd ../lib/libffi/build_dir; \
../configure $(CROSS_COMPILE_HOST) --prefix=$$PWD/out CC="$(CC)" CXX="$(CXX)" LD="$(LD)"; make install
../configure $(CROSS_COMPILE_HOST) --prefix=$$PWD/out CC="$(CC)" CXX="$(CXX)" LD="$(LD)"; \
make install-exec-recursive; make -C include install-data-am
cd ../lib/axtls; cp config/upyconfig config/.config
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