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This is a SDdatalogger, to log data from the accelerometer to the SD-card. It also functions as card reader, so you can easily get the data on your PC.
To run, put the, and files on either the flash or the SD-card of your pyboard.
Upon reset, the datalogger script is run and logs the data. If you press the user button after reset and hold it until the orange LED goes out, you enter the cardreader mode and the filesystem is mounted to your PC.
# -- runs on boot-up
# Let's you choose which script to run.
# > To run '':
# * press reset and do nothing else
# > To run '':
# * press reset
# * press user switch and hold until orange LED goes out
import pyb
switch = pyb.Switch() # check if switch was pressed decision phase
if switch():
pyb.main('') # if switch was pressed, run this
pyb.main('') # if switch wasn't pressed, run this
# This is called when the user enters cardreader mode. It does nothing.
# Logs the data from the acceleromter to a file on the SD-card
import pyb
# creating objects
accel = pyb.Accel()
blue = pyb.LED(4)
switch = pyb.Switch()
# loop
while True:
# start if switch is pressed
if switch():
pyb.delay(200) # delay avoids detection of multiple presses
blue.on() # blue LED indicates file open
log = open('1:/log.csv', 'w') # open file on SD (SD: '1:/', flash: '0/)
# until switch is pressed again
while not switch():
t = pyb.millis() # get time
x, y, z = accel.filtered_xyz() # get acceleration data
log.write('{},{},{},{}\n'.format(t,x,y,z)) # write data to file
# end after switch is pressed again
log.close() # close file # blue LED indicates file closed
pyb.delay(200) # delay avoids detection of multiple presses
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