Commit 28391683 authored by Damien's avatar Damien
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Add py_get_array_fixed_n function.

parent 7ee80bac
......@@ -871,6 +871,18 @@ qstr py_get_qstr(py_obj_t arg) {
py_obj_t *py_get_array_fixed_n(py_obj_t o_in, int n) {
if (IS_O(o_in, O_TUPLE) || IS_O(o_in, O_LIST)) {
py_obj_base_t *o = o_in;
if (o->u_tuple_list.len != n) {
nlr_jump(py_obj_new_exception_2(q_IndexError, "requested length %d but object has length %d", (void*)n, (void*)o->u_tuple_list.len));
return o->u_tuple_list.items;
} else {
nlr_jump(py_obj_new_exception_2(q_TypeError, "object '%s' is not a tuple or list", py_obj_get_type_str(o_in), NULL));
py_obj_t rt_load_const_str(qstr qstr) {
DEBUG_OP_printf("load '%s'\n", qstr_str(qstr));
return py_obj_new_str(qstr);
......@@ -99,6 +99,7 @@ void py_obj_print(py_obj_t o);
int rt_is_true(py_obj_t arg);
int py_get_int(py_obj_t arg);
qstr py_get_qstr(py_obj_t arg);
py_obj_t *py_get_array_fixed_n(py_obj_t o, int n);
py_obj_t py_obj_new_int(int value);
py_obj_t rt_load_const_str(qstr qstr);
py_obj_t rt_load_name(qstr qstr);
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