Commit 2494399a authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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esp8266/scripts/flashbdev: Disable debug output/checks.

parent 46f0641f
......@@ -10,17 +10,17 @@ class FlashBdev:
self.blocks = blocks
def readblocks(self, n, buf):
print("readblocks(%s, %x(%d))" % (n, id(buf), len(buf)))
#print("readblocks(%s, %x(%d))" % (n, id(buf), len(buf)))
esp.flash_read((n + self.START_SEC) * self.SEC_SIZE, buf)
def writeblocks(self, n, buf):
print("writeblocks(%s, %x(%d))" % (n, id(buf), len(buf)))
assert len(buf) <= self.SEC_SIZE, len(buf)
#print("writeblocks(%s, %x(%d))" % (n, id(buf), len(buf)))
#assert len(buf) <= self.SEC_SIZE, len(buf)
esp.flash_erase(n + self.START_SEC)
esp.flash_write((n + self.START_SEC) * self.SEC_SIZE, buf)
def ioctl(self, op, arg):
print("ioctl(%d, %r)" % (op, arg))
#print("ioctl(%d, %r)" % (op, arg))
if op == 4: # BP_IOCTL_SEC_COUNT
return self.blocks
if op == 5: # BP_IOCTL_SEC_SIZE
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