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cc3200/ Add notes about deploying a new software version.

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......@@ -40,6 +40,15 @@ there. Make sure to use a **v4.1 (or higer) LAUNCHXL board** when trying this po
- Flash the latest service pack (servicepack_1. using the "Service Pack Update" button.
- Close CCS_Uniflash, remove the SOP2 jumper and reset the board.
## Updating the board to with new software version
- Make sure the board is running and connected to the same network as the computer.
make BTARGET=application BTYPE=release BOARD=LAUNCHXL WIPY_IP= WIPY_USER=micro WIPY_PWD=python deploy
If WIPY_IP, WIPY_USER or WIPY_PWD are omitted the default values (the ones shown above) will be used.
## Playing with MicroPython and the CC3200:
Once the software is running, you have two options to access the MicroPython REPL:
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