Commit 209eaec5 authored by Paul Sokolovsky's avatar Paul Sokolovsky
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socket_send: Don't send more than MTU allows.

As Zephyr currently doesn't handle MTU itself (ZEP-1998), limit amount
of data we send on our side.

Also, if we get unsuccessful result from net_nbuf_append(), calculate
how much data it has added still. This works around ZEP-1984.
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......@@ -308,14 +308,22 @@ STATIC mp_obj_t socket_send(mp_obj_t self_in, mp_obj_t buf_in) {
mp_get_buffer_raise(buf_in, &bufinfo, MP_BUFFER_READ);
struct net_buf *send_buf = net_nbuf_get_tx(socket->ctx, K_FOREVER);
// TODO: Probably should limit how much data we send in one call still
if (!net_nbuf_append(send_buf, bufinfo.len, bufinfo.buf, K_FOREVER)) {
unsigned len = net_if_get_mtu(net_context_get_iface(socket->ctx));
// Arbitrary value to account for protocol headers
len -= 64;
if (len > bufinfo.len) {
len = bufinfo.len;
if (!net_nbuf_append(send_buf, len, bufinfo.buf, K_FOREVER)) {
len = net_buf_frags_len(send_buf);
RAISE_ERRNO(net_context_send(send_buf, /*cb*/NULL, K_FOREVER, NULL, NULL));
return mp_obj_new_int_from_uint(bufinfo.len);
return mp_obj_new_int_from_uint(len);
STATIC MP_DEFINE_CONST_FUN_OBJ_2(socket_send_obj, socket_send);
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