Commit 1e3781bc authored by Chris Angelico's avatar Chris Angelico Committed by Paul Sokolovsky
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tests: Add unicode test.

parent 9a1a4beb
# Test a UTF-8 encoded literal
s = "asdf©qwer"
for i in range(len(s)):
print("s[%d]: %s %X"%(i, s[i], ord(s[i])))
# Test all three forms of Unicode escape, and
# all blocks of UTF-8 byte patterns
s = "a\xA9\xFF\u0123\u0800\uFFEE\U0001F44C"
for i in range(-len(s), len(s)):
print("s[%d]: %s %X"%(i, s[i], ord(s[i])))
print("s[:%d]: %d chars, '%s'"%(i, len(s[:i]), s[:i]))
for j in range(i, len(s)):
print("s[%d:%d]: %d chars, '%s'"%(i, j, len(s[i:j]), s[i:j]))
print("s[%d:]: %d chars, '%s'"%(i, len(s[i:]), s[i:]))
# Test UTF-8 encode and decode
enc = s.encode()
print(enc, enc.decode() == s)
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