Commit 1dfde891 authored by Damien George's avatar Damien George
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Merge pull request #373 from iabdalkader/module_register

Add mp_obj_module_register
parents 24d527bf 89d45248
......@@ -456,6 +456,7 @@ typedef struct _mp_obj_module_t {
extern const mp_obj_type_t mp_type_module;
mp_obj_t mp_obj_new_module(qstr module_name);
mp_obj_t mp_obj_module_get(qstr module_name);
void mp_obj_module_register(qstr qstr, mp_obj_t module); //use for loading statically allocated modules
struct _mp_map_t *mp_obj_module_get_globals(mp_obj_t self_in);
// staticmethod and classmethod types; defined here so we can make const versions
......@@ -82,6 +82,11 @@ mp_obj_t mp_obj_module_get(qstr module_name) {
return MP_OBJ_NULL;
void mp_obj_module_register(qstr qstr, mp_obj_t module)
mp_map_lookup(rt_loaded_modules_get(), MP_OBJ_NEW_QSTR(qstr), MP_MAP_LOOKUP_ADD_IF_NOT_FOUND)->value = module;
mp_map_t *mp_obj_module_get_globals(mp_obj_t self_in) {
assert(MP_OBJ_IS_TYPE(self_in, &mp_type_module));
mp_obj_module_t *self = self_in;
......@@ -272,9 +272,8 @@ soft_reset:
rt_store_name(MP_QSTR_help, rt_make_function_n(0, pyb_help));
rt_store_name(MP_QSTR_open, rt_make_function_n(2, pyb_io_open));
// we pre-import the pyb module
// probably shouldn't do this, so we are compatible with CPython
rt_store_name(MP_QSTR_pyb, (mp_obj_t)&pyb_module);
// load the pyb module
mp_obj_module_register(MP_QSTR_pyb, (mp_obj_t)&pyb_module);
// check if user switch held (initiates reset of filesystem)
bool reset_filesystem = false;
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