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cc3200: Remove UART info on

The UART REPL it's not enabled by default anymore.
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......@@ -53,8 +53,6 @@ If `WIPY_IP`, `WIPY_USER` or `WIPY_PWD` are omitted the default values (the ones
Once the software is running, you have two options to access the MicroPython REPL:
- Through the UART.
**Connect to PORT 22, baud rate = 115200, parity = none, stop bits = 1**
- Through telnet.
* Connect to the network created by the board (as boots up in AP mode), **ssid = "wipy-wlan", key = ""**.
* You can also reinitialize the WLAN in station mode and connect to another AP, or in AP mode but with a
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